Ski resorts in Utah-

Ski resorts in Utah-
11 resorts within 30 minutes to 1 hr from SLC airport!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

What type of ski clothing will I need for a ski/snowboard trip?

We'll start by looking at what you will need to pack, or purchase at the resort city, to be comfortable on the slopes. Sun and Ski ( has a very good packing list that breaks it down by category, type of clothing, # days you will be skiing, benefits of the clothing and it has the option to look at the list broken down for men, women or kids. The link to that list is below in the post and hopefully it will help you at least get a baseline for what you need. Some may need more clothing, others may need less. Over the years we always packed too much and we now have what we need down to a science depending on the number of days were skiing....... you will to with time.

Hope you find this helpful. Comments are appreciated!

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